The Smartwatch race. Meet the all-new Samsung Galaxy Watch

After a massive success of Gear S3 and Gear S3 Frontier, Samsung is back again with a brand new smartwatch, Galaxy Watch, to compete with Apple watch and others. Claimed to last for 4-7 days, with a single charge, Galaxy Watch does bring a whole lot of features, to the smartwatch race. Unveiled on August... Continue Reading →

Secure your smart home network with CUJO AI Smart Internet Firewall

In this modern technological era, where everything is connected to the internet, whether it is your smartphone, or your smart speakers, or even your doorbell, it is has become more prone to cyber-attacks. Hackers find new and innovative ways to sniff into your networks and steal your personal information. To protect the users from cyber-intrusions... Continue Reading →

10 ways IoT is revolutionizing Smart Cities

The trend of people moving towards the urban cities has increased rapidly in the past few years, with the prediction of 60% of the world's population living in those cities, by 2030. Urbanization has increased the pressure on existing infrastructure, leading to many problems, in the cities, as well as for the people.  A smart... Continue Reading →

A compact smart soundbar for your Smart Home, Sonos Beam

Imagine you can upgrade your TV speakers, without setting up multiple speaker systems in your house? With the new SONOS BEAM, you can do exactly that. Sonos Beam is a compact, smart speaker with built-Alexa,  which pairs up with your TV & remote, to control your sound system. You can control Beam with your voice,... Continue Reading →

A smartwatch with infinite battery, Matrix Powerwatch X

Ever wondered, how awesome would it be, if you never had to recharge your watch, to function? Well, Matrix industries have just made it a reality with Matrix Powerwatch. With the latest addition to the series, Matrix Powerwatch x has a taken a step more towards a smartwatch genre with notification capabilities. Powerwatch x uses... Continue Reading →

Make your phone smarter with AI-powered Android 9 Pie

As the technology advances, every system is indulged in Artificial Intelligence, and Android is no behind in that matter. Google just officially released Android 9 Pie, which is an AI-powered OS, that will learn, based on your preferences, and tailor it accordingly. Android 9 aims to make your phone smarter, based on your usage, and... Continue Reading →

World’s first smart switch with built-in Alexa, Ecobee Switch+

From the makers of a smart thermostat system, Ecobee has now launched its new smart home device, Ecobee Switch+, a smart light switch with built-in Amazon Alexa. These in-wall switches can do much more than typical smart switch, with built-in motion sensors, temperature sensors, and speakers. Switch with speakers Ecobee Switch+ is the first smart... Continue Reading →

Turn your arm into a touchscreen with LumiWatch

Researchers from Carnegie Mellon University and ASU Tech have prototyped a 'one-of-its-kind' smartwatch as a proof-of-concept study, that can turn your hand or arm into a touchscreen. Named as 'LumiWatch', this watch contains a 15-lumen pico-projector, that uses the wearer's hand to expand the watch's display area, conveniently increasing the watch usable area up to 5... Continue Reading →

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